By default, the framework uses the Plates template manager. Twig and Smarty are also available. In order to change the template manager, one only has to change the parameters in the config/view.config.php file.

For more information on configuring the template managers and view elements, please see the View Configuration section.

By default, a LightMVC application should hold two folders for the view scripts: a templates folder and a templates_c folder.

The templates_c folder is used by the Twig and Smarty template managers in order to store compiled versions of the templates. This template cache will only be active if the application is in production mode (see the Configuration). Plates does not use a cache by default.

For more information on Plates, please see the Plates website.

For more information on Twig, please see the Twig website.

For more information on Smarty, please see the Smarty website.