The framework’s autoloading is managed by Composer. By default, the LightMVC Framework uses PSR-4 compliant autoloading. To add new namespaces within a LightMVC application, it is necessary to declare these namespace mappings within the application’s composer.json file. For example, here are the namespaces of the LightMVC Skeleton Application:

"autoload": {
  "psr-4": {
    "Application\\Models\\": "models/Application/Models",
    "Application\\Middleware\\": "middleware/Application/Middleware",
    "Application\\Controllers\\": "controllers/Application/Controllers",
    "Application\\Services\\": "controllers/Application/Services",
    "Specialmodule\\Controllers\\": "controllers/Specialmodule/Controllers"

Therefore, adding new namespaces is simply a question of adding new entries in this part of the file and running the following command from a CLI:

$ composer update


A PSR-4 autoloader class is available within the framework if you wish to use configuration files instead of Composer’s autoloading capabilities.